Towards the end of 2016 I was contacted by a young couple who were making the move from a small semi in the inner city to a larger home on Sydney’s upper North Shore. They had bought a beautiful, sprawling 1920s property that they wanted to make their own.

The architecture in the home is stunning, lots of wide skirting boards, timber paneling and picture rails. Although it had been extremely well loved by previous owners, it felt “old”. Not old as in run down, but old as in it felt like a home for a much older couple. My clients are young, their children are toddlers. We wanted to inject some life and youthful personality into each room, while also treating the architecture with respect.

I’m excited to share some before and after pictures today, with the rooms now starting to come together.

Kitchen before

kitchen before

Kitchen after

kitchen after

Kitchen / casual dining before

kitchen dining before

Kitchen / casual dining after

kitchen dining after

Adding colour to the walls, and contrast in the timber work, transformed the rooms. Suddenly we had soul in each space, just by changing up the colour.

Furniture sourcing for this job was a joy. Although my clients have a large home, and furnishing it will be an ongoing process, their instinct is to avoid mass produced, cheaper products and instead focus on handmade, Australian designed where ever possible. I’ve loved every piece they have chosen, the craftsmanship and quality is stunning.

Formal dining room before

formal dining room before

Formal dining room after

formal dining room after

Formal living room before

formal living room before

Formal rooms after

colour after

formal living room after

As we continue to add to this building, and slowly make it a home, I really hope this is a happy place for their family to grow.

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