If you have never renovated before, or never worked with an interior designer, it can seem like a daunting (and lengthy) process in the beginning. There are so many decisions to be made and details to consider. Hiring a professional to help you should reduce some of that stress, and give you confidence in the choices being made. Yes, there is certain amount of creativity involved, but to be honest its also just as much about a systematic process as it is the pretty stuff. 

In an effort to clear up any questions clients have about working with Annie Bowen Design I recently put together some information on how we get from an initial phone call to completed project. Whether it’s a full renovation required, or a small interior decorating job, the steps are the same.

1. Initial meeting.

This is an appointment where we get to know each other and make sure we are a good fit. Together we view your home and discuss what you hope to achieve. The initial consultation helps to develop a clearly defined project brief and is the first step in the design process.


2. Contract and deposit.

We now have a clearly defined brief and we are able to finalise a detailed estimate of design fees based on your specific requirements. You will receive terms and conditions associated with engaging Annie Bowen Design, as well as deposit and payment terms.


3. Trade Day.

To kick off the project we schedule a day to review your existing home in as much detail as possible. Appropriate trades join us on this day, allowing us to work through any practical considerations before we begin the design process.

4. Concept development + colour scheme.

A review of the initial design ideas and your preferred aesthetic. For renovation projects we complete a digital concept board to communicate the overall look and feel we are trying to achieve, giving the team a very clear direction for the project.


5. Design Phase.

We are now ready to begin planning and designing your home. This can seem like a lengthy process but it’s important we approach this stage in a systematic and detailed way. We consider the floor plan, kitchen and bathroom design, fixtures and fittings, flooring, window treatments, furniture, rugs, artwork and more.


6. Documentation.

We put every detail into a schedule for the trades to be able to quote accurately. This step also includes the furnishing and decoration items, with detailed descriptions, measurements and pricing.

7. Presentation meeting.

This is an exciting day where we review the colour palette, fixtures and fittings, furniture and more. We discuss options and note any amendments that need to be made.


8. Procurement.

Once the items are signed off on, we begin ordering via our trade contacts. Delivery time frames and fees, as well as deposit conditions, are also confirmed to get the ordering under way.


9. Design Management.

With contractors now on site the changes to your home are underway. If renovating, your chosen builder is now running the project. During the construction process we schedule site visit as required to check the design detail and advise on any variations that may occur.

10. Furniture and accessories installation.

Now for the fun part. If you have ordered furniture, rugs, artwork and accessories for your home, we schedule an installation day (or two if we need to). We would take delivery of all items, ensure they are placed in the correct position, and style appropriately.


11. Loose Ends

Is there anything missing? Are there are any building works, furniture items or accessories that need to be fixed or added? At this stage we follow up on anything outstanding or source extra items to complete your home. (See FAQs below regarding the responsibility of your chosen builder).


12. Additional styling.

Some clients like us to place every little detail at the end, pick vases, photo frames and pot plants. I have a specialist stylist as part of my team who can assist with this process so your home looks photo shoot ready every day.


13. Complete!

And hopefully a photo shoot to record your finished project!

I hope this information has helped give you an understanding of how we work at Annie Bowen Design. If you would like to discuss your upcoming renovation project we would love to hear from you.