So I was flicking through old photos on my phone the other day and came across the ‘before’ shots from a house I did back in 2016. I haven’t shared these before but seeing them again after so long gave me a sharp reminder of how much a change in paint colours can transform a home.

Living room ‘before’

Living room ‘after’

This cottage in Sydney’s inner west is home to a young mum and her son. The brief was simple, make it a happy place, a home for them to enjoy and start a new life together. (One of the best briefs I’ve ever been given by the way).

We had to work with the existing kitchen and timber floor colour, but were able to change the paint colours and source some new furniture. The space needed to be bright and colour filled, but also practical for a small child. I think we ticked those boxes, it was a really lovely decorating project to be involved with.

Dining room ‘before’

Dining room ‘after’

Exterior ‘before’

Exterior ‘after’

Click here to see more snaps of the final result.